Tuesday, October 1, 2013


My family has always enjoyed our trip to the beach each year. We have been going to the same beach since I was a little girl and the tradition has continued with our growing families. There are now 15 of us all together! Everyone in my family cooks really well, so we all share and take turns with the big family meals at night and those who don't have cook-duty, have kitchen duty. It all gets done rather painlessly and the delicious dinners that get turned out of that kitchen each evening are truly amazing! I am always so thankful that my parents taught us how to truly enjoy spending time with one another. It is a gift that I hope I am cultivating in my own children.
 So, being at the beach, there has been a lot of laying around in the sun, fishing, walking, looking for shells, etc. But I came prepared with a beach work out for this week and so far, I have been sticking right to it. It is really fast, requires no equipment and extremely effective. Here it is:
3 days a week: run intervals for 30 minutes (run fast 2 minutes, walk for 3 minutes, repeat)
3 days a week:
50 squats
50 lunges
50 ab exercises
50 push-ups
I did the body weight circuit today, and I noticed a few things. #1. Ummm...ow. I did the exercises in the order listed, and my legs were shaking like crazy! I am hoping a dip into the cold, oceanside pool, will help to stave off the kind of soreness that makes me accidentally hurl myself down a flight of stairs. This vacation house has a LOT of stairs. We shall see.
And #2. I had planned to do V-ups for my abs, but I didn't take into account how absolutely DEAD my legs would be! I laid on my back, and then could.not.lift. my legs!Seriously. I just laid there. My mind was saying "lift" but my legs were saying "no way." So, I opted for crunches and leg lifts....25 of each.
The whole work out took about 15 minutes, start to finish. Not too shabby. The cocktail with dinner will taste EXTRA good tonight. Hey-no judging......I'm on vacation, after all. :-)
Next up, I'll be dishing about vacation eats. No need to totally TRASH your clean eating just because you are on vacation! Who wants to go home with a big ole' gut full of processed food?
There are LOADS of delicious foods you can be consuming while living it up on your vacation! I'll be blogging about our special brand of vacation cooking and eating.