Saturday, January 26, 2013

Who does this chic think she is, anyway?

I hate the whole "describe yourself" question. After 43 year old female, I'm pretty much stumped, but I'll give it a go.
So lets see here.....I am a christian. Think about that unbelievably sweet and super- gracious Ann Voskamp  that wrote" One Thousand Gifts" . And now remove that thought from your mind. Put it far far away, because no matter how much I try to suck it in, that is just not me. But I AM a christian and I do love the Lord and I do *try* to please Him. And let's just say that some of us need a little EXTRA grace from time to time. If you could cross Ann Voskamp, with PINK, (the singer, not the color or that hideous stuff they sell at Victorias Secret) that would be a better description of me as a christian, I suppose. Many times I MEAN to do good, but I end up offending someone in the process.<sigh> Such is life.
 Also, I am a wife. I am married to one of those Johnny Bad Ass types who is always off doing whatever badassery there is to be had. He is away from home a lot, and we miss him here. We have been married 22 years and we still generally dig each other.
  I am a mom. Johnny BA and I have 3 kids. They are practically grown now, and we can almost look at them say with confidence, that The Great Experiment was a success. Yep, we home schooled 'em and everything. And you know what? They don't seem screwed up at all! Seriously, they are confident, intelligent and capable people that we would really like to hang out with even if we weren't their parents. So, ya know.......we feel like the world should give us SOME kind of award for that. But in all honesty, we didn't know what we were doing at all, when we started The Great Experiment and many times over the years, we would look at each other behind one of the kids backs with huge, scary, "Oh-My-Gosh-what-have-we-done?" eyes. But it all worked out (refer to the comment about grace, above). And we actually, really like them, so.....score.
  I am a personal fitness trainer. I KNOW, right? This is my job??? At 43 years of age? What the hell am I thinking? But actually it's all good. I train hard and I am a total nutrition geek. I am constantly amazed by the way the human body responds when we treat it well, and I like to share that with other women. A lot of women are down on themselves, and they shouldn't be. I like to show them that the changes that they want to see REALLY ARE possible and I want to help them learn to make peace with who they are and achieve their fitness goals. And that feels  awesome. ( I mean, no one feels awesome ALL of the time.... I'm not going all Richard Simmons on you here. Get real.)
 I am an unrepentant shoe hoarder. I love to cook. I hate to clean (Eat off these floors, and you're taking your life into your own hands). I am a farmers daughter. I love wine. I love to travel. I can't find my way anywhere. Seriously, I have a rare geographic deficiency. I blame my mom, because whenever you ask her for directions, she waves her hands around a lot. That's my story(sorry mom). I am addicted to my family. I love to garden, because I think I am so bad ass when we eat something that I grew, and it keeps us from eating psuedo-chemical-food. I like to do pretty much anything outdoors, and I actually really like my life (refer to the comment about grace, above).
 Thanks for stopping by!

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